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ok guys, today we gonna be discussing about Programming, also known as coding. So, let’s see what it is and for what it is used?

A set of Program

Before I start telling you about programming let’s first I introduce myself in this sector so I am Second year Computer Science Student(I’m learning ML .)

Programming is basically a task by which we give command to our machine. let’s dive down some more deep. If I go some more deep so programming in simple way is a set of lines in which we can communicate with the machine. it is as simple as communicating with someone by chatting with one by writing lines of code.

See, all it asks is some several things like -

  1. the very basic is - one should know the basic working of computer .
  2. secondly- a Programming language (Java, Python , Ruby, R etc..)
  3. thirdly- and this is most important Consistency.

Now let’s start with very first thing that is -

Basic working of computer -

so I’m not tell you here whole thing about it but what I can do for you is that I can give you a basic idea and a proper sources to learn basics of computer. Basics of programming starts with the binary that includes 0 -1 it is the only thing which a machine understand but we are writing the code in English then how it is able to understand our commands. so it converts English into binary. A proper idea you take from here -

Now, let’s talk about the programming languages -


So, A programming language is must to start to start programming. you have to master at least one programming language. I’m definitely not saying to start you have to master language to start programming but you will learn within your programming journey. you just have to start learning a language. and a mistake that most of the noobs do’s is they start’s with one language, complete a little chunk and they also start another new language that is definitely not recommended and I had also done the same mistake that’s why I suggest you to start with a single language.

so now from which language you should start so it is recommended that you should start with Python, but I will suggest you that you should start with Java so that you have a better understanding of Programming see Python is recommended because it is easy but it can not give us a proper deep idea about programming where as in this case java is better. it is completely up to you. for a more proper idea you can see these documentations-

Now let’s discuss Consistency

it is complete up to you but If you are consistent then you can be a better programmer in less time and can perform your tasks more efficiently and what I did for consistency is I had told myself that I would get to know something new everyday and as I’m a geek I like it the most so it is more important to be a geek. so you can do this tell yourself that I have to find 5 new things about programming.

I introduce myself as a geek and a seeker. who is always excited for exploring. and by the way I'm a Computer Science Student.(interests- ML,AI,SKY staring)